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Kaaba Bracelet Black - Small

100% Authentic Brand

Kaaba Bracelet Black - Small

By Salam
110 ريال
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May 17-20

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19 ريال

May 14

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May 15 - May 16

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May 17-20


Product Information




What’s the product’s idea ?

Imagine holding in your hand a design for the most remarkable sacred place !

A bracelet inspired by the Holy Kaaba's design, made in a modern way and luxurious character with rubber strings for comfortable daily wear, specially designed for you with an Islamic identity, to always carry with you the spirit of the holiest place.

Why will you love it?

  • It's made with an Islamic identity.

  • Modern touches that give the character of luxury.

  • A wonderful combination of gray and gold, and the luxury of the black Kaaba.

  • Elastic thread for comfortable wearing.

  • A special gift and memory for your visit to the holy mosque.

Know more:

  • Size: Small - 8 ml.

  • Color: Black.

  • Designed with Saudi hand and soul.


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